ARCHIVES of the Virtual Journal

9/1/99 Wednesday
Sorry for the delay. Another daily comic strip for everyone to check out.. My rollerblading has improved as well as my skateboarding Do to some emails, I realized I have been neglecting my duties to keep this page, at least remotely current. As for "der Struwwelpetre", I have managed to track a copy down. I haven't done a movie update in a while... I saw The Sixth Sign, South Park, and American Pie... all pretty cool movies.. I guess that's it for now... I will try and keep more current.. I also updated the movie page. (TheSagaBegins, works now).

8/4/99 Wednesday (Note: this is when it was written, but I didn't load it on the sign till today (9/1/99)
Ok, a new daily comic strip for everyone to check out.. Pretty humourous... What else... I have now gotten good enough on roller blades to survive one lap around Central Park. I do however get good use out of my brakes. In a similar topic, I bought a skateboard two weeks ago. I don't know how to skateboard. I will learn. This stuff kinda gives life a little color, ya know. Oh yeah, I am wondering if anybody in Germany is reading. I am trying to track down a book I used to read as a child, called "der Struwwelpetre" (I probably mangled the spelling). The reason I want this book: I used to able to read German as a young lad, I can't anymore, so I figured I'd start with a book I used to read as a child. That's it for tonite. Until next time, be peaceful, and remember, "Seek it, and you shall not find it." or my variation "seek it not, and it shall find you".

7/12/99 Monday
Help find life in the solar system. Join my company's SETI@Home Team and you can help us get ahead of Microsoft. It's easy. Just download the SETI software at and then go to the link above to join us.

7/11/99 Sunday
I just saw a preview for what looks to be an awesome tv series on NBC this fall: The West Wing. It stars Martin Sheen, Robe Lowe, and Moira Kelly (an amazing actress and woman). This cast is of feature film quality. The Producer or director is same as ER. The writer wrote "A few Good Men", and "The American President". When I heard Moira came out her semi-retirement to do this show, I was even more excited. It seems its about the West Wing of the White House. Follow the link above, and you can watch the promo clips. OK, enough about this show. I ended up grocery shopping, excercising, picking up laundry, and rollerblading today. Not to mention I got paged by work like half a dozen times. Overall though, a pretty productive and satisfying day.

7/10/99 Saturday (actually Sunday morning)
OK, I got something for all you aspiring geeks out there. Early access to what is going to be a technical reference sight for techies and aspiring techies: (remember this thing is still under construction, but what is there will probably keep you occupied for many months.) My vacation, was pretty fun (didn't get to surf though). I also saw and recomend a few movies: Austin Powers, and South Park. I also was in Baltimore/DC/Virginia for the 4th and the weekend of the 4th. I have discovered a few good nutritional supplements. 1) Plain yogurt. 2) Ensure. Oh one more thing, I am thinking about throwing a party in NYC on New Year's. What do you people think, good idea, or asking for trouble?? Anyway it's late, so I'm gonna sign off, sending salutations to everyone who visits my site. Oh yeah, I've decided that I'm gonna start linking to cool site's, one new one per journal entry, eventually collecting them all on a cool links page. The first one is one of the best web comic strips: This is a daily strip chronicling the confused and amusing life of a young lady named Bruno. (Note: There are some adult topics and situations.) Ok, now I am really signing off.

5/29/99 Saturday
Just writing an update, because it's been a while since I last updated. I fixed up the music video VJ page a bit. What else, I am going on vacation in a couple of weeks. (Maybe know I can learn to surf like I've always wanted) Anyway what else.. I want to be famous, for what I'm still trying to figure out. Oh yeah.. I forgot, I say "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" yesterday. It was pretty good, but there were no campy cool characters like Han Solo providing good comic relief, just a kinda lame jaja binks providing stupid comic relief (not as bad as the ewoks, but definately in the same vein. Anyway to mak a long story short: Star Wars was a pretty darn good movie, but it had enough flaws to make it not as good as "the Matrix", which if you haven't seen yet... (sigh)... go see it.

5/9/99 Sunday
First off let me wish Mom a Happy Mother's Day. I actually went home to Virginia to visit the folks this weekend. But what have I been up to sice the 24th of April (last entry)? I saw "the Matrix" again. Did I say go see this movie? Let me say it again. "Go see this movie!". Anyway what else: After a blip of sadness life has picked up again, and I am back back to my usual self. By the way, my newest project, is to try and learn to walk on my hands. So far I can stay upside down for about 5 seconds before I start to fall to ground. (I know, I know weird, right?). Anway, let me get going. I've got to do some self-imposed chores.. (ugh). Remember: I AM talking to you, and I do listen. One other thing... I'm still not smoking.

4/24/99 Saturday
No real news today... just saying it's been a month since I quit smoking. Anyway some interesting statistics: Normally I get about 100 people visiting my site every day. On the 17th of this month I got over 2000 people visiting. At first this was rather confusing, until I figured out, that MTV had a "Wanna be a VJ" contest. Needless to say I don't work with MTV, nor do I have the power to make anyone a VJ. For those trying to get more involved, may I suggest an internship at MTV. Or maybe start at a Radio Station.

4/2/99 Friday
I added a new artist to the Art page. Check out DrakoDante's stuff. Anyway what's the news... I just saw "The Matrix". It was awesome. See it. Techo, action-thriller at it's best. I don't want to say too much, because it will spoil some of the enjoyment. Guess what! I quit smoking one week ago this morning (8th day without cigarettes... I used the patch, and it works! If you want to quit, I recomend it. It is a much more effecient and steady source of nicotine than cigarettes ever where. What else... the painting I am working on is coming further along. Also, I love to hear from folks, so feel free to drop me an email at I also need recomendations for beaches to surf at... (I want to learn, it is supposed to be similar to snowboarding, and I like the beach, so it is time to start making plans for the summer!!) The weather has been great around here recently so I have been able to wear a t-shirt outdoors for the first time this year.. Anyway that's it for now.. Remember, go see "The Matrix"!!

3/17/99 Wednesday
I have updated the videos page. I added the two Star Wars Trailers, as well as a SouthPark/StarWars spoof...

3/16/99 Tuesday
Well, noone entered the contest yet... Anyway, I have decided to write more story (Bear with me, I am still trying to push through this writer's block)...

Needless to say this ignited even more controversy than Gates's original actions... The justice department pretended that nothing happened... No laws had been broken. It did, however, awaken the fat cats of society. Twisting and manipulating laws like had never been seen since the Glorious days of the First Roman Empire. Senator's made wealthy, favors called in, and debates galore. All to bring about a code of laws protecting NBLFs. Though at this point in time there was only one, Dr. Smith. Well, as we all know now the new laws of the land recognized certified, NBLF as citizen's of the United States. This awakened a class rift, that rivals that of any other period in history. My feelings on the subject are clear. If you are going to allow this to be, it should be a right of every citizen. To this day it takes more slush to be converted than 90% of the earth's population will see in their lifetimes. Real equitable, ya know. Whatever. Enough ancient history. Let me tell you a little more about myself. I wasn't always driven by money. I used to care about the issues, or at least care enough not to work for the Consortiums. It's interesting how one reacts to the twists and turns of a life. My girl died the slow death of cancer. I loved her, but I didn't have the money to pay for her treatments. I had no way to get it either. She died and there was nothing. Nothing, I could do. At that point, I could have spit into the wind. Or as am doing now, spend years intracating myself into a position of power and influence among the consortium. Five more years and I will enough blackmail, money, and favors, to be in a position to make a grab for the leadership of GenomeX...

OK, I've decided that when I'm finish. I will declare this the rough, rough draft! Anyway, what do you people think, I have plenty of ideas now for the story, just the narrative fleshing out the ideas is rough going. Bedtime for me. Later.

3/8/99 Monday
OK, not bored anymore. I ended up going boarding on Sunday. A foot of fresh snow did the trick. I think the fact that neurosis fly like angels on a crowded niska niska bom bom is truly remarkable. Don't you think so? Obviously not. And I'm sorry. Not. Quick what movie is this quote from? "Deal." First prize is a painting of mine. To enter this little contest here of mine, you must submit your entry by the Ides of March. (Note: I know this is an unfair contest, but I do really have a movie in mind.) Arhhh. this is so contrivial... but yet you remain? Why is that. Stop. Go. Balance. Verbs for the millenium.

3/6/99 Saturday
I am so bored today... it's raining, overcast and generally gloomy today. What to do, what to do... ideas anyone?? I am just in one of those bored modes.. I don't really want to do anything cause I am bored out of my skull. I don't feel like working, or studying... I kinda want to go to the beach... but the rain is killing that idea. I could go shopping... whatever... I know what I'll do... I'll be put up a link ... that's what I'll do... For real though I'm working a painting... I'll say more about it later... -vj

2/25/99 Thursday
I have put a bookstore online (Recomended books by me).  For now it is mostly technical books that would be used in my line of work, but I will add more later. I get a bit of money if you buy any books through the links on my page. It looks like it is going to rain this weekend... The question is do I still go boarding even though it is raining? ... Hell, yeah!! Well, I'm going to Limelight tommorow night... G'nite, this is VJ signing off from the uberZone

2/21/99 Sunday
OK, I am insane... Yesterday I ended hanging out with friends, and then had another friend Drive in from Connecticut and convince me to stay up all night so we could all  leave for a Snowboarding trip at Hunter Mountain at 6:00 AM(this morning).  Well, needless to say it was an awesome trip.  When we got there we were the first on the slopes, and there was half a foot of ungroomed powder on the surface.  First time I've gotten to board on a surface even remotely resembling powder.  I think I am starting to get the hang of this snowboarding thing.. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I bought a snowboard in January (a 1998 Buton Floater 155, w/ Burton stepin Bindings).  I love the damn thing, it's so fun.  This is only my second year snowboarding (I used to ski before that)..  But I think anyone is going to have a tough time convincing me to go back to skiing.  Boarding is so much more of a organic flow to it. It's hard to describe: like you are floating on the snow..  where your body movement, not so much as your feet movement control the whole flow of the motion.  When you get it right it feels perfect.  Well, enough about snowboarding... (Try snowboarding: it's a blast, I do however recomend taking a few lessons at first, to minimize the frustration factor).
OK, for real, enough about snowboarding...  I am trying to think up more story... but it's not going too well... I have "writer's block" or it might have been just a passing fancy... that may or may not come back...  (Snowboarding is way better than writing stories right now).  If anyone wants to write the next paragraph let me know... I don't mind.  What else,  I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's day, so Happy Valentine's Day (late)  (ooh, color) to everyone.  I guess that's about it, no that's not it... I forgot to say I am very, very exhausted tonight (the adrenaline rush from the boarding has pretty much completely worn off).  Therefore, anything I am writing now should be eaten with a tablespoon a salt.  I think it is now time for me to have a drink and call it a night (or have a night and call it a drink?, no, the first one... definitely the first one).

2/18/99 Thursday
I have put more pics online (mostly babypics of myself).  It's late that is the only update for now.. (I was in VA this weekend)..

2/6/99 Saturday
I have added a  new link in my art links page, check it out... Anyway I promised to write more story:

William Gates III, the prominent 20th century Billionaire.  In a bold move considered by some as pure evil, he attempted to become "Immortal", recording his life form for eternity.  This in itself was by no means insignificant.  However the true significance of his actions was his attempt to maintain control over his vast empire of holdings, wealth, and power.  This brought the NBLF rights debate to a crisis level.  Even those in favor realized that they hadn't fully considered the issues involved.  New laws had to be created.  Money had to exchange hands, and the balance of power in this world would take a dramatic shift.  As a backup plan, Gates passed legal control of his holdings onto a faithful lieutenant.  The operation was successful, his lieutenant acted as a proxy for his wishes... and Gates managed to bypass the lack of laws regarding this subject... for a short  moment in time.  He was "erased", the cyber-equivelent of murder.  What did this mean?  Who did this?  And how did our  great justice system react?....

OK, there you go more story...  Well, it's the weekend, and I have to go to work soon :(.. but that's ok.  I'll catch you all later...

2/2/99 Tuesday
Uh,  I should have updated this sooner,  but I went on vacation, then I was busy when I came back to work.  Oh well.  For my vacation, I went snow boarding in Killington, Vermont.  It was pretty fun, I took lessons, and now I can get down greens and most blues without wiping out.  I bought a TV, and VCR , and have been catching up on some movies,  one I recommend is Drunks.  This movie is basically about the lives of a group of AA members.   As for the story, I will be adding more sometime this week.  I really don't have a lot to say, I've just been living life:  Stocked my kitchen and bar, chock full of goodies.  Did another painting.  Oh yeah, one thing I am doing now, that is new is I am trying to learn new languages (German, Spanish, Cantonese, and Korean).  They are tough and I am slowly making progress in each of them.  Meeting new people, plus work.  What are you people doing for fun these days??  Someday I am going to have to explain my theory of what makes a good life... mmm that someday is now.  Basically you have three aspects of your life:  Career, relationships, and color; that should be in balance.  Career is your enabler, and your way of contributing to our capitalist society, and allowing you to afford to live.. Not to mention there is some satisfaction gained from being productive...(Note those in school, school falls under career) :).. Relationships: Friends, Family, and love... Try and time for those you care for.. Pretty self explanatory.  Color: those things that you do strictly because you want to:  hobbies, fun things... Nite Clubbing, board games, hiking, mathematical theorems :) , or whatever.  If you strive to keep these three in balance they will contribute to an overall sense of physical and spiritual well-being... not to mention happiness... Whenever you are feeling down evaluate and see where you are lacking, and work to improve these things..  You will find you will enjoy the results..  Now I am sure you probably can think of holes in my theory.  I am happy to hear from you about them.. because this theory is an evolving theory, like myself.  So, let me know.

12/28/98 Monday
Well, Happy Holidays to all.  This will probably be my last entry for the year.  I have made a few changes to the website:  I added the video section to the navigation bar on the left.  Also the southpark link first takes you to a Southpark shop if you want to buy videos or the CD.  I am trying to figure out how to make this site self-sufficient.  But anyway.. don't see Star Trek: Insurrection, it's terrible (I am saying this as a fan, so don't get mad).  I am going to visit my folks in Virginia for New Year's.  Thanks again to Jay for making this site possible.  Now, I think it's time for:

More story (continued from 12/04/98):
...: July 17th, 2038.  Most people didn't realize at the time, that with the convergence of advances in molecular scanning, and the inevitable advance in Integrated Circuit density, that it would be possible to simulate a Human intelligence as accurately the folks at NIS did.  This led to the first NBLF (non-biological life form).  And as a matter of course the first NBLF was a simulation of the neural network of now-famous Dr. Richard Robertson-Smith, the scientist who made this all possible.  The government at first tried to censor these developments, probably because they were either afraid, or they they had their own uses in mind.  The New Dr. Robertson-Smith would have none of it.  Being a first-rate scientist he wanted to ensure the free flow of information.  Also can you imagine the consternation he must of felt, thinking he was alive, but being told he was just a program.  Well, he did get out of his secure sandbox (with help no doubt from the Old Dr. Robertson-Smith).  The genie was unleased.  Aware of the potentially devistating effects on class warefare, many civil rights groups including the ACLU jumped to either condemn or condone.  This quickly caused the NBLF rights movement to be born.  Even more significant in retrospect was the second NBLF...

I wrote more...  I don't know:  I may be mangling the english language, and I can't write a lot at once, but I'm kinda having fun.  Well it's almost time for dinner so I should be going soon, but I will say this before I go.  Thanks for the words of encouragement... and I will try and keep on..  I remember the saying "the journey is the reward".  It fits my life... do you understand?

Note: Every time I add a new entry, I move one of the old entries to the archive section (There is a link at the bottom of the page).

12/04/98 Friday
This site has no purpose.  It is kinda like my ongoing conversation with oblivion...  Am going to do.  What, I don't know. I keep talking about the things I am going to do with this web page.. Who knows what is it I can really do..  Seems like I really don't have enough time...  If anyone wants to help please let me know .  Anyway 27 days until 1999.  Oh, well to keep in the spriit of the season.. I am going to do shots of whisky until I collapse upon this here floor...

Here is the beginning's of a story I just decided to write (narrator is Jep, a lawyer):
I remembered my sister Meg, telling me an honest polititian stays bought.   The honorable Senator Willy Abrahams (who likens himself to a modern day "honest abe"), sure as well isn't honest... ah well.  As one of the leading advacators for GenomX, (earth's largest genetic holding company),  I am compensated well for understanding what a politician's next move is going to be, before the myriad strings of intersparsed influence make themselves apparent.  Had I messed up, handling the Abraham's situation?  Maybe.  Probably.  Hell, no use denying it, I had underestimated Willy's greed.  In the end it won't really matter, Senator Thomas' coalation will protect GemomeX's patent, and cancer patients will continue to pay through the nose for the requisit gene therapy to prevent the symptoms.  Plus I can safely continue smoking,  wow...  Money, money, money... still makes the world go round.  Who the hell has it,  has changed.. more on that subject later.  I miss Future Shock..  that state of being, where you say I never imagined the day when...  I guess that all went out the window, the day the music died (sorry, old 20th century reference to a song.  But you probably know it.)  As I was saying, that all went out the window,  the day we awakened technology...

OK, that's the start maybe I'll write more, maybe not..maybe somebody wants to help..  I've never attempted to write more than one coherent sentence (outside of school).  I guess I sortof have today.  But I don't flow.. like lava. or some other viscous fluid..  like... whisky.  Across the crowded room the redheart bleeds upon the rug.  (Hmmm maybe another lyric)... Pieces of the fragments that make up my life need to be organized into a pattern that will devine my purpose, and heal those in need of healing.  (Ouch, where the hell did that come from)   Revenge is a dish best served cold... remember it.  I think that this is probably the longest entry I have written in a while.  Maybe I wil continue to write these long ramblin' spiels,  or continue with the short ramblin' spiels.  I kind of feel strange.  In a way disconected with the reality of my life.  Explain that to me and you can start your own religon, the next big one.  Well I need a cigerette.  I get wierd hallucinatory thought patterns if I go too long without nicotine.  Ahhh,  maybe I shouldn't waste this opportunity...  people please communicate with me, I know you're out there.. this operation in a vacumn is stifling to say the least...  Forget it I do need that cig.. after all.  G'nite.  I am.

11/19/98 Thursday
Added a multimedia file section. Check it out! Troops the spoof of Cops and Star Wars.  The famous exploding whale video.  Microsoft Spoof of famous VW comercial do,dah,dah (Yep, it's really Bill).  The Famous Dancing Baby..

11/09/98 Monday
Flash: Benefits of nicotine shown to improve memory and concentration!  I have added a link to Amazon for books and music, I also added a search bar to search the web.  Being as noneone has sent me any encrypted email,  I am removing my PGP key from the toolbar and moving it to the botton of this page. Let me know know what you think.  As far as what I did this weekend:  real exciting stuff,  I bought a bed, cleaned my apartment, and waxed the floors.

11/06/98 Friday
I have started, and am going to continue to start improving this site over the next few weeks.  Please let me know if you like or dislike the changes.  And also let me know what else you would like changed.  As for me I am getting furniture for my new place this weekend.  My Ph. line is installed, electricity is up, the stove is working, and the heat is on.  So I am pretty much set on the home front (or I will be after I get the furniture).  As for movies I saw Happy Gilmore with Adam Sandler, worth seeing if you are a fan.  If not wait for The Water Boy, looks to be extremely funny.
10/29/98 Thursday
I now have an apartment.  I move in this weekend..  What else.  I am hoping to have more time to update this page, but we'll see.  I saw the movie Soldier... it was really bad, but I liked it.  Pretty predicable, lots of violence, main character with like a total of twelve lines.  I don't want to say any more or I'll ruin it for ya.  I also saw Antz.  Good movie.  I also saw another movie that is good... Can't remember the title though... I think it was one tough cop.. Oh, yeah someone sent me a link to Jerusalem photos, I put it in the photos section....  That's about it.. working to much as usual..
10/1/98 Thursday
I am starting to compile a list of recommended restaurants in Manhattan.  So far there are only three that meet my criteria:  Superior food, good price, comfortable atmosphere.  One Vietnamese, one Italian, and a Korean restaurant.  I am also still trying to find a place to live.  I have one candidate that is on the East Side/ midtown.  I will describe it if I move in, because it's a really cool apt.  On to other news:  In 3 days I will be 27 years old, and I'm still getting carded.. oh well, I guess it's a compliment.
9/27/98 Sunday
Sorry for the lack of updates for the past month +.   I've been busy.  What's new... I just saw Rush Hour, with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.. A good movie, entertaining.. I will give details later.  I need to find a new place by Tuesday..  And what else..  I can't wait for the Snowboarding season to start... (So I can embarass myself all over again) .. that's it for now..
9/25/98 Friday
Just a side note if you don't want Clinton impeached click here. (
8/11/98 Thursday
Well, I'm going to Texas on the 20th to attend my cousin's wedding.  Should be fun.  I ordered my airplane ticket today.  As far as life goes, I've been eating a lot of chicken soup recently cause I've got a cold.  I have to move come Oct. 1st. because my sublet is over.  I don't know where to yet, but I know I'll be staying in Manhattan.  As far as movies go I just saw The Negotiator (cool movie, but a little too predictable) last Saturday.  That's it time to run... If anyone has seen BaseKetBall drop me a line and let me know if it worth seeing.
7/30/98 Thursday
No updates in a while.  But I've been busy building systems. I saw Lethal Weapon 4 (Better than the reviews, funny), Alien Resurrection (Good, but more of an action movie than an Terror flick), Once a Thief (John Woo, kinda cool, but no Face-Off), and As Good as it Gets (Excellent, Comedy/Romantic) this month.  Well, I need to find a new place to live by Oct. 1st.  Hopefully, I will be able to buy a place.. I forgot how much I like the Underworld song BORN SLIIPY, featured in the excellent movie Trainspotting.
(Just a side note.. over 5000 hits this month, don't know where the are all coming from).
7/07/98 Tuesday
It's official, this site has been up for three months now.  I don't have much time to update anymore, I'm working late almost everyday now.  However I am going to name some videos I saw recently that I recommend:   Dream With the Fishes (independent dark humor, excellent),  Ransom (Action, entertaining), The Usual Suspects (Again)... I Think I need to start a must see movie list... hmmm.. As for my Independence Day festivities,  I caught up on some much needed rest, as well as Rollerbladed, and watched movies.  I am wondering what the hell's going on these days.  My martial arts training is giving way to more work hours.  I'm still hanging on to everything else, but it's a squeeze.  I guess this is the beginning of the proverbial rat race that people gloan, on and on about... Well It don't mean a thing...... If it ain't got that swing :).  I think my next move will be to China.... Town that is.
6/29/98 Tuesday
Ok, I haven't updated this page in a while.. I've been very busy.. This is just to let people know I'm still Alive.. I'm having a good time in NY. But, work is seriously picking up.  This month I had a great time down in Virginia ay my family's summer picnic, I've rented a bunch of movies I've never seen, i.e.: Reservoir Dogs, True Romance, GI Jane, the The Usual Suspects, the Devil's Advocate, the Devil's Own, plus more.  Most all were must see.. (Devil's Own wasn't must see).  I am exploring Downtown more and more... discovering cool restaurants and hangouts.  I've started a daily isometric exercise program to supplement my martial arts training (this is to build strength and power).  Unfortunately, I haven't had time to start painting again, yet... I am starting to feel a touch of NYC stress.. but it will pass..
6/09/98 Tuesday
Ok I've been at the new place a week.. The kitchen experimentation has begun!!  Some great stuff is being produced, as well as some ... well...  "creations" I wouldn't feed to my worst enemy.. What else, I'm going to Virginia this weekend to visit the family..   should be fun.  This last week I've been working alot and sleeping alot.
So what do you guys think of a weekly web video show?? Next project..  I'm wondering if I'm gonna be ready for my pool tournament in September.. Also now that I have a cool place I want to up my painting output, from 0 paintings a week to more than 0 paintings a week..  I wonder if all these hits to this site are actually reading this site or just typoing.  Again he asks: "email me...wah, wah, wah" ...and let me know. Now for movies, I really want to see Truman, and the Last Days of Disco.  Again I ask send me pictures/art contribution, interesting links, anything anyone might want linked or placed on this site.
6/02/98 Thursday
Yesterday I moved!  The new place is awesome.. I am now happy to spend time at home.  Life is good.
5/28/98 Thursday
Tommorow I move..  Should be a blast.  It's been a decent week.. a short week too.  Well, I guess back to the grindstone for me.  Waiting for Armageddon, it looks to be the summer movie to see.  But life continues in it's strange and inexplicable manner to continue to amaze me almost every day.. explanation to follow....
5/28/98 Thursday
Wow, almost a whole week and no updates (the elves haven't been doing their jobs).. I'm looking forward to my move on monday.  I saw "The Wedding Singer" last nite, it was a pretty funny movie, and at the $3 theatre a bargain as well.  On Sunday I worked out for the 2nd time this month.  Monday I pulled my computer out of storage and tuesday nite I crashed and slept for 13 hours.  more to follow...
5/22/98 Friday
Another Friday... wow.   Well I think I should be able to put some work into this page this long weekend, but I probably won't.  I'm thinking about how to make this page better and I'm not sure how..  I mean finish up the unfinished sections yeah, but... I got nothin'..  Arghh I'm starting to repeat myself... Oh yeah, I got rid of the text based links.  If there are any complaints let me know.   (In case people can't tell I want email :) )  I am practicing drumming more and more... I want to write a story or something creative like that, but those juices just ain't flowin'.
I guess you'll have to be content with more of these mindless drivel, as a surogate for good prose.  Millenium III coming to theatres across the nation -  next summer... Movies:  Have you seen any good movies recently?  My favorite recently was... The Big Hit ..although Deep Impact wasn't bad.  I'm afraid to see Godzilla... I got an idea (no it didn't hurt): let me know what you think... instead of my typing this stuff, or at least in addition to it... I could make like video clips from the front... kinda like some sort daily news show, but it's like useless news.. hmmm..  and maybe I could get guests... If I do do it, I need to spend some money, and that was one thing I didn't want to do for this web page..  at least not yet.. Oh well, time to go..
5/21/98 Thursday
It seems there was a problem with some of you finding this site due to the fact some Internet Service Providers were pointing to a non-existent server.  The problem is fixed.  As you may have noted I've added a couple of (empty) new pages, as well as more icons.  This page is starting to be a skeleton of the eventual layout I have in mind.  On an entirely different note:  I asked people to email me about this site, and people have.   My sincere apologies to those of you whom I responded to in a less than cordial manner,  I was tired.  For those who play the drums I can now do a paradiddle roll at 60+ 1/4 notes per second.. And I'm getting a pretty decent backbeat going.   As for art and paintings, I am going to see if I can borrow a digital camera to take photos of my very small body of works.  As well as anyone who wants to have their art displayed (you know who you are) just let me know.  Also the Email address: now works (thanks again Jay).  Note to Ric:  I need my sketches, if you still have them...  So that's it for now.
5/19/98 Tuesday
Just got back from my weekly drum lesson.. Added a few icons to the page.. I am practicing speak in a stiltd style.  No but seriously I am tired and am gonna make this short..  OK... g'nite.
5/18/98 Monday
OK, I didn't make it to the beach :( ... but I did pick up my metronome, and new drumsticks, etc... OK#2 I'm getting a decent number of visitors to this site... Who are you people? please email me and let me know.  Another topic ended up playing lots pool this weekend.. need the practice.
5/16/98 Saturday
I'm going to the beach!!.. The weather has finally turned to summer-like tempuratures.  Yesterday was the 1st warm day in weeks.  On another note, I had to work this morning, but that's OK, cause I'm going to the beach... Hopefully the water will be warm.. Or I can just sleep on the sand... Oh yeah... Folks I need feedback about this page.. And I need photos for the album... I have NONE :( ... I was supposed to go pick up a metronome, some new drum sticks, and music tablature today, but I guess that will have to wait.  So what do you people think about the new stuff coming from Apple Computer?  We'll see I guess. Note:  I've put up a link to my bookmark file,  I'm going to clean it up and reorganize it... as well as make it more navigatable... Also note the link to SOUTHPARK (thanks to Jay for the info)
Last nite I was at work 'till 1:45 am.  I am tiiiredd today.  My new apartment is at 2nd Ave and 10th (That's the east village).  This is a summer sublet of a furnished apartment.  I am hoping to find a loft by the end of the summer :).. mmmm, coffee good.... 'Til later...oh yeah Tuesday I skipped my Kung Fu lesson, but I went to my drum lesson, and signed up to rent a studio on a monthly basis (2 hours a night)... This will be good, my Drum and Kung Fu lessons, my apartment, and my drum practice studio.. all downtown... now all I've got to do is convince Time Inc. to move downtown :)  Interesting Footnote:  I just realized the other day, I've only left Manhattan TWICE in three months (and that was to visit DC).
Just got back from Virginia this weekend... Mother's Day and all... I got some ideas for this page.. A photo album for one.  Some cool JavaScripts for another...  If anyone wants to contribute photos to the album just send them to me... Any other ideas?
I am going down to the east river tonite... should be interesting.  Next Tuesday I have my next W.C. Lesson, and drum lesson... need to PRACTICE..
Work is getting better... Called Sun.. What else? this site seems to have gone down for a while.  I need to put up some art links.  Oh yeah got a new apartment at 85th and Broadway.
Note to Rick and Michelle: If you give me graphics file versions of your paintings... I'll put them on the web, also a Peasants web Site..
I am sore from working out on Sat.  Tonight I am going to Wing Chun, then at 9:00 I have my drum lesson.  I forgot to drop off the dry cleaning.  What else... oh yeah.. I am going home on Friday for Mother's day.. I should be moved into a new apartment on the east side by the time I get back.
Work is great, I am finally starting to feel useful around here. What I do is maintain, install, and upgrade, those computer systems, that are mission critical to TimeInc. those that are responsible for magazine production, finance, hr, + others. Did you know that TimeInc is responsible for publishing Time, Life, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Money, InStyle, 20 other magazines and PEOPLE magazine!
The weather has been awesome, last Sat. I walked from 100th & Broadway all the way down to Battery City park. (I need to get my RollerBlades out of storage) On Tuesday I start my martial arts training(actually in Chinatown). Also, 2-3 nights a week, I go to a studio and practice playing the drums (great stress relief). I'm also practicing for a pool tournament in September that has a $600,000 grand prize. As soon as I get a semi-permanent place I will start painting again. I think I don't have enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do, but I'm trying.
As for living arrangements, I am staying in a hovel right now.. like $400 a month in the city... but I am looking for some other opportunities.